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Find the best universities, chat with admissions, check the VISA process, and much more all with the help of Odros Virtual Expo

The virtual fair is being hosted by, you can search, select, and secure your university place all on our platform.

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Why attend the virtual fair?

Are you going to going to study online or on-campus?

Should you postpone a Semester? ...or maybe a year?

Is there any scholarships during this difficult time?

What is the process of get my VISA?

Get the answers to these questions and more by simply joining

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Students can browse through virtual booths and access uploaded content like banners or videos.

Call university representatives

By making call to representatives, students can ask questions and get real time answers.

Video call and chatting

Students can choose the representative of their choice and meet them live on a video call.

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Our tailored-made educational virtual fairs platform include some of the great features to take your experience to the next level and ensure the best results.


Students can browse and find your virtual booth to reach you and leave trace.


Expose your booth on the live event in real time. Chat, call, direct or use video.


Use our analytics features to get statistics of booths visits, applications and leads.

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